Talkback Winter 2020

Welcome to your first Talkback for 2020.

We are proud and excited to announce that we have launched the Mental Health Foundation’s new Strategy for 2020-2025, “Making prevention happen”. Prevention of poor mental health is not only possible, but urgently needed. Our Strategy affirms our commitment to making prevention happen, so that people across the UK can live mentally healthier lives.

In this edition of your Talkback, we will illustrate each of the five strategic aims below by articles and demonstrate how fundraising, policy, research and communications work together with our programmes.

  1. Tell the world: Our Director of England and Wales for Research, Programmes and Policy explains why prevention is fundamental to effectively address the mental health crisis.

  2. Find solutions: We have developed our innovative, universal and targeted evidence-informed community programmes. Read the personal story of Jean Williams who benefited from one of them, Standing Together Cymru.

  3. Inform and Empower: We hosted our first ever ‘human green ribbon’ event in London’s Trafalgar Square, on World Mental Health Day which demonstrates how we enable mentally healthier lives through public information and engagement.

  4. Change policy and practice: From community friendly buildings to quality jobs, we have been working with Thrive LDN to improve the factors that influence mental health in the capital.

  5. Build a strong Foundation: We are starting a new corporate partnership with Italian restaurant chain Zizzi which will help us build an organisation which is sustainable and thriving.

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